Josiah Renaudin


Los Angeles, CA

Josiah Renaudin

Associate Producer at Tangent Games. Former freelance writer for GameSpot, IGN, VG247, VideoGamer, and more. Host of The 1099 Podcast.



DLC Podcast 234: An Extra 99 Cents with Josiah Renaudin

Jeff and Christian welcome Josiah Renaudin from the 1099 Podcast to the show this week.
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Here They Lie and Ambiguity

There's much more to Here They Lie than what's on the surface. The devs share their insight.
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STARWEST 2015 Interview with Andreas Grabner

Josiah Renaudin of TechWell speaks with Andreas Grabner, a performance engineer.
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The 1099 Podcast

A regular podcast for freelancers, about freelancing.
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Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Review

Dragon Ball Xenoverse, in spite of its pronounced deficiencies, puts the beloved series back on track.
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NBA 2K15 Review

2K15 adds much more natural spacing between bodies both on and off the rock.
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Sniper Elite III Review

There's an undeniable satisfaction that stems from the glorious slow-motion kills that abound in Sniper Elite III
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Cause and effect: The full story behind Just Cause 2’s multiplayer mod

Just Cause 2 didn't ship with a multiplayer mode at launch. But that didn't stop six members of the community making one.
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A Man and His Goat: The Birth of Escape Goat 2

Not every developer starts putting together a creative work for the sake of fame and fortune.
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How Bioshock 2 spawned Faster Than Light, Gone Home and Eldritch

How four creators broke away from the console production line to find success and acclaim with very different indie games.
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Former Call of Duty, Tomb Raider devs jumping AAA ship to make their own next-gen title

The recently formed studio Tangentlemen has a new game to announce and a lot of big-name talent behind it.
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Indie Developers Speak Out on PS4 Development

Indie developers seem to love the PlayStation 4. The flood of smaller, console-exclusive projects coming to Sony’s next-generation platform hasn’t gone unnoticed. Link to Story


Josiah Renaudin

Hard-working, dedicated writer with a communications degree and passion for journalism. Eight years of writing, editing, production, and management experience, with work featured on GameSpot, IGN, Paste Magazine, and more.



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